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Schoenherr, together with independent Croatian lawyers, commenced its activities in Croatia in 2001. Initially with a strong focus on M&A, the team profited from the thriving economic activity in Croatia at the beginning of the millennium. Schoenherr was involved in most of the headline deals, including privatisations in the insurance and energy industries (gas utilities), private to private transactions in the insurance and banking sectors and foreign investment in the pharmaceuticals and food trading industries. Building on this early success, Schoenherr has acted for many of the large real estate investors attracted to Croatia in recent years. In line with market developments, the office has recently experienced a substantial involvement in M&A transactions in the oil & gas, telecoms, banking and security systems and services industries as well as a rapid expansion of its banking & finance practice. Schoenherr cooperates with the law firms Vlahov Buhin & Sourek d.o.o., Petres & Cvirn d.o.o., Mandarić & Einwalter j.t.d. and attorney at law, which cooperation complies with local laws and bar rules.

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