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Business law is highly complex, internationally intertwined and rapidly evolving. It is therefore essential to timely identify the latest changes in the legal environment, to establish appropriate strategic plans and to anticipate and position oneself for future developments. In the → roadmap 17, we contribute to these processes from our own fields of expertise.

roadmap 2016 – conversations

Conversations was the theme of the 2016 edition. This theme is apt, as lawyers to a large extent engage in multiple Conversations, on multiple levels, each and every day. They negotiate with one another. They argue over facts and penalties, punishments, incentives, and rewards. They debate the law. They advocate. Taken collectively, lawyers are involved in a grand and social conversation about how the world should work. Similarly, the artist Dejan Kaludjerovic, incorporates Conversations about specific topics in his art, aiming to reach an understanding of the world from the perspective of children.→ roadmap 16

roadmap 2015 – beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every indi­vid­ual, every cul­ture, every era has its own con­cep­tion of Beauty. At the same time, Beauty is uni­ver­sal and time­less. It can be found in the arts, in nature, in other per­sons and in all forms of human endeav­ours – includ­ing the prac­tice of law. In their work, lawyers must per­ceive, analyse and present their insights in a process that allows “beau­ti­ful” lawyering.

Accord­ingly, Beauty is the theme of the 2015 edi­tion of roadmap, an annual schoen­herr pub­li­ca­tion pre­sent­ing overviews from our lawyers on recent and upcom­ing legal devel­op­ments in our core prac­tice areas, as well as crit­i­cal insights and analy­ses of these developments.

The con­cept of Beauty also plays a cen­tral role in the art­work of Leo Zog­mayer, the Aus­trian artist whose designs, objects and pho­tographs pro­vide the artis­tic frame­work for → roadmap 15.

roadmap 2014 – thrive

Thriv­ing is about much more than sim­ply con­tin­u­ing on a day-to-day basis. It involves grasp­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties, tak­ing risks and – with some luck – being rewarded for doing so. It involves com­bin­ing a keen intel­li­gence with a sense of curios­ity and the ded­i­ca­tion to get things done. It demands both confidence and a level head. It means both seeing the big picture and having a clearly defined target at the same time. All of these skills and traits also apply to thriv­ing lawyers and law firms. Schoenherr recognizes that the components that allow lawyers to suc­ceed and thrive extend well beyond pure legal knowl­edge. To this end, we are com­mit­ted to “lawyer­ing”, which pro­motes the devel­op­ment of a broad range of skills and qual­i­ties among our young lawyers and the next gen­er­a­tion of practitioners.

The art­work in roadmap14 is from Suzan Batu, an Istanbul-based artist of grow­ing renown. Dynamic, bright, play­ful and joy­ous, Batu’s art fully cap­tures the essence of this year’s theme. → roadmap 14

roadmap 2013 – evolution

Change is the one con­stant. To sur­vive and pros­per, an organ­ism must also change to meet the chan­ging con­di­tions. It must evolve. This bio­lo­gical imper­at­ive also applies in the busi­ness world. Now more than ever, to sur­vive and thrive, busi­nesses must adapt and evolve. evol­u­tion is the cent­ral theme of roadmap 13, an annual Schoen­herr pub­lic­a­tion that presents an over­view from our law­yers of recent and upcom­ing legal devel­op­ments in our core prac­tice areas, as well as crit­ical insights and ana­lyses of those developments. Given today’s volat­ile eco­nomic envir­on­ment, the legal land­scape has changed, and con­tin­ues to change, with unpre­ced­en­ted speed. It is crit­ical for busi­nesses to stay abreast of these changes in order to evolve with them, to bene­fit from them, and to prosper in a new, higher form.

Artist: LIA. Since the Roadmap, too, must evolve, this year’s ver­sion has gone dig­i­tal, allow­ing for a more mod­ern approach to soft­ware art, best viewed via an online platform. The illus­tra­tions in this roadmap 13 are by LIA, an Aus­trian soft­ware artist. Her images pro­vide a poignant inter­pret­a­tion of its theme of evolution. → roadmap 13

roadmap 2012 – game

You can’t play rugby or golf without knowing the basic rules of the game. Indeed, to play any game, not just sports, you must know its rules. And the player who knows the rules the best has a clear advantage over his competitors. Business is not so different. It’s a serious game, with a great deal depending on the outcome of each move. But, as with other games, success in business depends on one’s knowledge of the rules and they differ from those of other games. The rules of chess or football are fixed; With business, however, the rules are more complicated and always in flux. The rulebook is thick, filled with non-binding guidelines to strict black-letter law, with national and international regulations, with directives and standards. And it is constantly being updated and amended, often unexpectedly.

Artist: Igor Marsenić. We hope you enjoy reading the articles in this year’s edition and looking at the artwork from the young Serbian artist, Igor Marsenić, whose pictures play on the theme of game. → PDF

roadmap 2011 – shape

The theme of roadmap 2011 was shape. Events often have a tendency to sweep us along with them, to shape our lives, our work, our moods, our plans. But “shape” can also imply control, action and empowerment. In unpredictable times, a positive and proactive approach to shaping events towards desired outcomes is called for even more. That is the message of the roadmap.

Artist: Matthias Hauer. An Austrian photographer and cameraman with a wealth of experience in various visual media, his images in roadmap 11 provide a poignant interpretation of its theme of shape. → PDF

roadmap 2010 – explore

The theme of roadmap 2010 was explore. The word evokes images of adventure and discovery, of movement and curiosity. Explore also implies an approach and an attitude. The approach is practical, creative, unconventional if necessary. The attitude is positive and proactive, of a desire to move into new territories and a determination to find the way forward.

Artist: Mario Dalpra. Mario Dalpra was born in Austria and spends part of his time there. He also spends large amounts of time in India, which provides him with stimuli and new sources of inspiration. Perhaps this is what gives his work such a fresh, strong element of exploration and discovery. → PDF

roadmap 2009 – flow

The theme of roadmap 2009 was flow. We encounter the inconspicuous flow at every turn: cash flow, flow chart, work flow. In modern commercial law, flow implies knowledge of current legal developments, swift adjustment to changing conditions, an optimistic view of the future and determination to take the right decisions at the right time.

Artist: Josef Schwaiger. Josef Schwaiger has been working with the theme of flow for many years. His abstract, often linear art, with its suggestion of movement and change, unmistakably evokes a feeling of flow. → PDF

roadmap 2008 – diversity

The theme of roadmap 2008 was diversity. The diversity of schoenherr’s area of operation can be seen in the contrast between the ancient rural landscapes of Transylvania and the golden concert hall of the Vienna Musikverein. The fim is defined by diversity, with lawyers of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds and professional talents. This diversity is our strength, enabling us to service the equally diverse nature and needs of our clients.

Artist: Berenice Darrer. In her art, Berenice Darrer takes up the issue of diversity in an understated approach that disrupts conventional views and encourages reflection. Her work is composed of a multitude of component parts that can be arranged in different and diverse ways. → PDF

roadmap 2007 – more

The theme of roadmap 2007 was more – more information, more knowledge, more success, more contentment. The word is a neutral adjective meaning either good or bad depending on whether it is followed by a positive or negative substantive form. We want to present the positive form – the motivating and helpful “more”.

Artist: Esther Stocker. Structure, laws and rules provide security and enable decisions, judgments and concrete actions. This force of law, however, does not operate in empty space. It knows a horizon before which and towards which it unfolds. The works of Esther Stocker draw from the interplay of rules, structures and laws. → PDF

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